Other than p***, know more about Sunny Leone.

Other than p***, know more about Sunny Leone.
We all know Sunny Leone​ don’t we? Even though she’s the most searched person of India, beating PM Narendra Modi, most people only know her from her adult movies and Bollywood career. And few those who didn’t knew her started knowing her when she came in Bigg Boss. The most famous Baby Doll is now going to perform live on 6th of November in Gurgaon. So all those baby doll fans here’s your chance to see Sunny dancing on chaar bottle and pink Lips. So what are you waiting for. Hurry up and book Tickets here http://goeventz.com/event/ignite-the-fire-with-sunny-leone/336
But before going to the concert you should take a minute and learn some important facts about Sunny. We bet you will be amazed knowing these facts!

Sunny Leone doesn’t like to party much. She likes to spend more of her time reading.


The Baby Doll has launched a DVD – ‘Super Hot Sunny Mornings’ where the actress will be seen doing some amazing workouts, while sharing the secrets to her sexy body.


Sunny Leone was studying to be a pediatrician when she joined the adult film industry at the age of 19.


Sunny Leone dated the world famous stand-up comedian Russell Peters for a brief period in 2008.

russell peter

Sunny’s a huge fan of Priyanka chopra and want to share the screen space with her.

sunny priyanka

Sunny leone is a bisexual but she has stated that she prefers men over women


Sunny is a sporty, she used to play with a women’s soccer league team in California


She was once engaged to Matt Erikson, the Vice President of marketing at Playboy.

matt erikson

She bagged 8,000 new followers on Twitter in just 2 days and left PM Narendra Modi behind in the most searched in Google last year. This year figures are yet to come. 😀


She told a website that she makes hand stitched baby blankets for all her pregnant friends.

sunny leone pics

Sunny is frightened of insects and bugs of any sort and is said to have a sort of phobia about them


The first job of her career was at a German Bakery which she got at the age of 15. After that she worked briefly at a tax and retirement center.


Sunny is an avid pet lover and has been actively supporting and raising money for organizations like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). She owns two pets, Lilu and Chopper, one of which is a rescue.


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